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Westcott Mediations offers an effective alternative dispute resolution service in the Central and South Florida region. We have the experience, talent and dedication to serve as mediators in connection with any kind of civil litigation.

With over 25 years of legal experience, you can rest assured that our approach to solving you or your clients' problems will be impartial, efficient, and beneficial.


Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil and Family Law Mediator

Mediation Services

Areas Available For Mediation

Personal Injury Claims - Contract Disputes - Construction Disputes

Medical Malpractice Claims - Wrongful Death Cases

Employment Law Disputes - Property Damage Claims

Family Law/Divorce - Insurance Disputes - Workers' Compensation

Pre-Suit  / Complex Negotiations

Pre-suit mediation allows parties to engage in exchanges of information and views without adverse publicity, public disclosure of trade secrets or other complications.  Pre-suit mediation allows them to resolve their dispute on a reasonable, private, basis.  Likewise, complex negotiations can use the help of a disinterested third party to close the deal.

Florida Court Mediation

Moving a case through the standard legal channels can be time consuming and costly.  Frequently, courts mandate mediation to alleviate pressure on court dockets.  We can meet your needs by providing mediation services to get your litigated case resolved.

Paul Westcott

Paul Westcott has been a Board Certified Workers' Compensation Attorney since 1999. In addition Paul is Florida Supreme Court Certified as a Circuit Civil and Family Law Mediator. Paul has sought to use creativity in helping his clients resolve issues allowing each party to achieve their desired outcome.